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The Internet of Things: Removing the physical boundaries of cybersecurity

October 22, 2015 Podcast 4 minute listen
Raj Patel
How might the internet of things affect your business? Listen to our five-minute podcast as our cybersecurity experts talk through a world in which everyday objects are seamlessly connected through wired and wireless technologies.

closeup of man on a tablet

The Internet of Things refers to a world in which all everyday objects and devices are seamlessly connected through wired and wireless technologies. This includes things like turning on the lights from your smart phone or driving past a Starbucks and being alerted to that day’s specials.

The Internet of Things is affecting how we do business, too. Consider a hospital, where nursing staff could immediately be alerted if an IV bag runs empty — instead of making rounds to check like they may have in the past.

This is all certainly exciting, maybe even enticing. But it’s important to remember that with every benefit comes risk.

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