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Bridging the widening cybersecurity skills gap

April 29, 2024 Article 5 min read
Joe Oleksak
In Security Magazine, Joe Oleksak discusses the widening cybersecurity skills gap and the urgent dilemma that jeopardizes not only an organizations’ data assets and systems but also their ability to compete effectively in the current market. 
Cybersecurity professional on their laptop in a server room.In today’s cyber landscape, the challenges loom large. Evolving threats and technologies have reshaped the battleground, making traditional on-premises infrastructure defenses obsolete. Despite advancements in security tools, a pressing issue remains: a significant shortage of skilled professionals.

In addition to the compromise of mission-critical systems and networks, enterprises grapple with reputational damage, financial losses, compliance hurdles, and legal ramifications from a cyberattack. Organizations must not only address current risks but also anticipate future threats, safeguard sensitive data, comply with regulations, meet industry expectations and prioritize customer satisfaction. These imperatives underscore the critical need for businesses to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap, ensuring the continuity of digital transformation that drives competitiveness and resilience in the face of these evolving threats.

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