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May 18, 2020 Article 1 min read
Plastics processors need solid financial and operational benchmarking data to balance risk and opportunity. Take the NAPIS survey to confidently assess the health of your business with comparative data from the competition.

Data-backed insights for plastics processors

Manufacturing of plastic bottles

Plante Moran has conducted the NAPIS survey of plastics processors for more than 20 years. It is the industry’s most comprehensive benchmarking study — a collection and analysis of data points spanning key business functions, including strategy, operations, and finance. The metrics allow us to highlight the health of your business with comparative data from more than 200 competing facilities.

What does this mean for the plastics processor? Vision and comfort — a factual understanding of where they stand in the marketplace, direction on how to balance competing priorities, and the support they need to make smart investment decisions.

Take the NAPIS survey >>

Why participate

Participating in the NAPIS survey allows you to be honest about your competitive differentiation. Take the time to identify where you stand in the marketplace and complete the survey today.

A 72-page, individually tailored report is issued to processors that participate in the study; it contains results and expert commentary (see what’s included). The report is “board presentation” ready and is divided into a few key sections to provide industry and benchmarking analytics and a report card that grades the participating company against its peers.

Submitting the survey

Plastics processors can complete the survey at any time. You may use any 12 month period for your data import (does not need to be your fiscal year end). Simply download and complete the survey, then submit your data using the instructions below.

Survey results are held in strict confidence, and there is no cost to participate. Read our confidentiality pledge.

There are two ways you can submit your NAPIS survey:

  1. Email or fax your completed survey to Greg Alonso,, fax: 248.233.9269
  2. Or, follow these easy steps to submit your completed Excel survey using Plante Moran’s secure file exchange:

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