Jeff Jenkins

In the 90s, while in Kenya and Tanzania working for a client, I learned “Moran” is Swahili for “warrior.” At the time, I was unsuccessful convincing the firm to open an office there, but I’m still working on it!
Jeff Jenkins
Partner, Strategy and Operations Practice Leader


As the strategy and operations practice leader, I work with clients to develop strategies and execute plans that improve their profitability and strengthen their competitive position.

This includes transforming their customer-facing activities, operations, and supply chains; managing the integration of client acquisitions; strengthening and developing their talent; and leveraging our Plante Moran Analytics Center of Excellence to identify opportunities to transform data into actions that deliver value and impact.

Working within the manufacturing, food & beverage, automotive, medical technology, acute care, and the senior care industries, I guide teams of technical and market experts that understand the challenges our clients face. My clients appreciate my honesty and my strength in assembling teams that deliver impactful services and results. In fact, one client recently told us we made their dreams a reality. It’s those moments that make me proudest of our team.

Our strategy, operational, and talent specialists assist businesses in all stages of growth. We consult with high-performing organizations seeking that edge to leapfrog their competitors, those seeking to achieve their target acquisition integration objectives without disrupting the business, as well as struggling entities requiring significant restructuring.

Mentoring young professionals is one the most rewarding aspects of working for Plante Moran. I’m thrilled I can have a positive impact on my clients’ businesses as well as on my team members’ professional and personal growth. Every time I raise the bar on what I think they can accomplish, they end up exceeding their own expectations — and I’m as happy as they are when that happens.

There’s no denying I’m an avid sports fan — I’ve been known to fly my team’s flag (GO BLUE!) in the parking lot at work and on the beaches of Florida while vacationing. College football Saturdays are especially fun since our children are graduates of three different Big Ten universities.I have degrees in public administration, gaming and simulation, and urban planning, and I’ve completed all but my dissertation in the University of Michigan’s sociotechnological systems Ph.D. program.