Professional photo of Tom Marchese.

I’m one of six siblings, and half of us have worked at the firm. Interestingly, neither one of our parents were accountants.
Thomas Marchese
Principal, CPA


I serve assurance clients in the public sector and financial service practice, helping them manage and address the rigors of local, state, and federal compliance and financial reporting.

Most of my clients are part of the public sector K-12 schools and financial service group within the investment company and insurance verticals. Clients appreciate my unmatched service, ability to position them for success, and timely delivery of reports.

Internally, as a contributor to the firm’s professional standards team, I present and develop accounting and auditing technical training content for staff and perform quality reviews for engagements in the K-12 and investment company practices.

I have broad interests in all areas of life and excelled in finance and accounting courses. This profession has afforded me the chance to explore many different industries and business. Busy season overlaps with Michigan winter, so I don’t mind being indoors working a few extra hours if I can’t be outdoors enjoying the weather. The tenants of the firm, particularly the Golden Rule and Wheel of Progress, are deeply aligned with my personal philosophies. I knew this was a great place to build my career. I’m driven to make those who shaped me proud, becoming the best version of myself, setting a positive example, and leaving a lasting impact.

I have nearly 15 years’ experience across the public sector and financial service practice. My greatest accomplishment is my ability to adapt across industries and clients while juggling a growing family. I’ve also helped grow the firm’s investment company practice over the course of my career.

I’m a CPA and member of the Michigan School Business Officials; Association of Corporate Growth; Michigan Venture Capital Association; Insurance Accounting and Information Systems; and the AICPA and MICPA. I have presented at the Michigan chapter of the IASA and Michigan School Business Officials events, speaking to new or upcoming accounting standards and how to prepare and implement them. I also present to client boards. I’m active in my church, volunteering at the school and coaching youth basketball.

Outside of the office, I enjoy playing sports (golf, basketball, and softball), running, and craft time with my kids. If I’m not exercising, you’ll find me at a Michigan beach skipping rocks or on the water pretending to be a fisherman.