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The future of mobility: Reinventing the auto industry

January 17, 2019 White Paper 15 min read
Mark Barrott Dave Andrea
Three megatrends are disrupting the auto industry: autonomous vehicles, mobility as a service, and electrification. Together, they point to a fourth, less well-defined, trend — a complete reinvention of automotive manufacturing. Download your copy to learn what this means for OEMs, auto suppliers, and beyond.
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Reinventing the auto industry

Autonomous vehicles, mobility as a service (MaaS), and electrification are disrupting the auto industry. While there’s disagreement over how fast and how far the trends will grow, they’re likely to act as an accelerant for each other and move increasingly fast once they reach a tipping point.

It’s essential for OEMs, suppliers, and other firms in the value chain to track the progress of each of these three trends as they interact and enable one another to get ready for the fourth one — a massive reorganization of the manufacturing value chain. Companies need to understand the position their products and services occupy along the industry’s ultimate commercialization pathway.

What’s inside?

Download your copy of our white paper to learn more about these trends and how they will affect every step in the automotive value chain — including design, assembly operations, supplier manufacturing, retailing, financing, and public and private infrastructure — going forward. Inside, automotive industry experts Dave Andrea and Mark Barrott share their perspectives on:

  • How quickly autonomous vehicles, MaaS, and electrification will converge to reinvent the automotive industry
  • Questions you should be asking to prepare for inevitable, sweeping changes
  • Action items you’ll need to execute so you don’t get left in the dust

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