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Industry 4.0 scorecard: Are you ready for the future of manufacturing?

December 21, 2021 Assessment 2 min read
Dave Plomin Doug Hockenbrocht Sean McBride Mark Barrott Kim Doyle Daron Gifford
Complete the Industry 4.0 scorecard to assess your readiness for the future of manufacturing.
Industry 4.0 is here. Will your organization stay competitive? Our Industry 4.0 scorecard will help you assess your readiness in five key areas:
  • Systems & data
  • Supply chain intelligence
  • Technology & processes
  • People
  • Financial strategies

Complete the scorecard to see where you stand. We’ll show you where you’re at risk of falling behind and help you take steps to address these vulnerabilities.

Ready to level up your organization? Take the first step now and assess yourself.

MD scorecard infographic.

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