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Industry 4.0 scorecard: Assess your readiness in five key areas

December 21, 2021 Assessment 2 min read
Doug Hockenbrocht Sean McBride Mark Barrott Kim Doyle
Is your manufacturing organization ready for Industry 4.0? Complete this scorecard to determine opportunities that increase profitability through Industry 4.0 technologies.

The manufacturing industry is transforming at a remarkable pace, and manufacturers of all sizes are managing significant challenges such as labor shortages, supply chain volatility, and many more. Manufacturing companies that reimagine their services and refine their operations are unlocking massive benefits through increased productivity; reductions in costs, waste, and lead times; and greater energy efficiency.

Are you positioned to succeed and stay competitive? Download and complete the scorecard to assess opportunities that increase profitability using Industry 4.0 technologies. Our scorecard will help you assess five key areas:

  • Systems & data
  • Supply chain intelligence
  • Technology & processes
  • People
  • Financial strategies

MD scorecard infographic.

Download now

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