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Trust between suppliers and OEMs can better prepare you for the next crisis

September 9, 2020 In The News 6 min watch
Dave Andrea

Trust is a key component of business relationships and will allow suppliers to weather the next global crisis. Dave Andrea discusses this and other key takeaways of The North American Automotive OEM-Supplier Working Relations Index® (WRI®) Study.

Auto mechanic working on a car while wearing a protective face mask.In the latest SAA Industry Insight video, Dave Andrea, a principal in our strategy and operations practice, discusses key insights from the 2020 North American Automotive OEM-Supplier Working Relations Index® (WRI®) Study. The study is a comprehensive annual survey that examines the working relations between Tier 1 suppliers and their North American-based OEM customers from the suppliers’ perspective.

In addition to communication — particularly consistency and barriers to it — Dave highlights trust: what it is in a business relationship, how to improve it with suppliers, and the three key components of business-to-business trust. 

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