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Healthcare systems: Execute for operational excellence

Execute excellence in healthcare operations with people, processes, and technology

To keep pace with the evolution of healthcare, rapid and effective change is needed in hospital operations. Managing hospital productivity standards and effective healthcare cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance are key parts of the transformation. Another is the efficient use of data to assess the hospital revenue cycle and help optimize healthcare operations management while delivering the highest quality of care.

Attaining operational excellence in healthcare operations is a complex process of identifying critical areas for improvement, leveraging best practices, adding the right infrastructure support, and adapting it all to fit your unique needs. Read on to discover how to ensure operational excellence in hospital management.

Seven-point cybersecurity assessment: Identify your organization’s digital risks

Are your information security controls as effective as you intend them to be? How often do you evaluate the strength of your network and identify potential risks? Assess the strength of your organization’s cybersecurity program via our seven-point assessment.

Article March 15, 2021 3 min read
Hospital finds potential recovery of $5 million from denied and underpaid claims

Concerned that their claims weren’t being paid fairly by Medicaid MCOs, a Chicagoland hospital engaged our revenue cycle optimization team to investigate. 

Case Study April 07, 2021 1 min read
Empowering patients leads to better care and fewer readmissions

The cost of readmissions for hospitals is high, and many hospitals are paying readmission penalties. Empowering patients can help reduce readmissions and costs. We share five strategies.

Article June 17, 2021 3 min read

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Our services

Our dedicated acute care team — including many former healthcare executives — will work with you to optimize your hospital operations and create healthcare management plans to:

  • Create operational excellence around labor and productivity, patient flow, and facilities efficiency
  • Optimize revenue cycle management including cash flow, denied or underpaid claims, credit balances, and growth
  • Develop a patient-empowered care program focused on reducing re-admission rates, better chronic disease management, and improved patient outcomes
  • Build technology solutions that include IT strategy advising, data analytics, and vendor selection
  • Improve your cybersecurity program, including HIPAA/HITECH compliance audits, penetration testing, a 7-point assessment, and general IT audits
  • Industry benchmarking & analytics

Elevate your operational efficacy with people, processes, and technology. Learn more about our hospital and health system services.

Ready to execute operational excellence in healthcare management with people, process, and technology?