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Tracey Rau Laurie Hoose Mark Warner
September 15, 2020
In this session, we’ll provide tools for making enterprise software decisions in a remote environment, whether it is optimizing what you currently have or procuring new. We'll help you evaluate what factors to consider in your decision making.
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The COVID-19 disruption is creating budgeting issues causing many organizations to reevaluate enterprise software projects. If you have a software procurement effort underway you may be facing questions about the necessity of a full system replacement now versus whether your organization can benefit from optimizing the solution you already have. In this webinar we’ll address the question of optimization or replacement and provide tips on harnessing your current enterprise software’s untapped potential while saving the cost and time of selecting and implementing a new system. We'll also discuss procurement challenges for remote teams: the good news is that there’s no reason to delay your software project just because you're in an unfamiliar working environment.

Learning objectives:

  • Answer the question "Should I optimize or replace my software?"
  • Define key steps to optimize your current software
  • Identify tips for moving forward with a software procurement in a remote environment


  • Tracey Rau, Senior Manager, IT Consulting
  • Laurie Hoose, Senior Manager, IT Consulting


  • Mark Warner, Partner, IT Consulting

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